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At the time of the last census in 2011, the number of people usually resident in your area was [Total for all displayed SA1s in 2011].

For the purposes of this procedure, we ask you to base your decision on the latest estimate by the Bureau of Statistics of the number of people who are usually resident in this area in 2016. The estimate is [Total estimated].

This means that since 2011 the population in this area has [increased by *% per year or remained the same or decreased by *% per year]

The natural rate of population increase means the number of births less the number of deaths. The current natural rate of population increase for the whole of Australia is [*% per year]
This rate for Australia is marked on the number line set out below by a vertical red line.

Please indicate below to what extent, if any, you want more or fewer people during the next five years than are presently estimated to be in your area.

Make your selection by checking the box on the number line below which corresponds with the percentage change you want per year in your area over the next five years. Checking a box will display the cumulative effect of your choice after five years.

Cumulative Effect:        Your selection would result in [no. of people] more / fewer people in your area in five years time.

                                    Your selection would result in more / fewer people than would be expected by the natural rate of increase.

                                    When you are sure you have selected the correct percentage, press the Save button below.

                                                                                           [ Save ]

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